The Medizinicum – A Success Story

Located in the heart of Hamburg, not far from Dammtor station, Medizinicum can be found. Behind the impressing veneer of the Alte Oberpostdirektion, renowned physicians from 18 different disciplines have been working together since 2014 to offer their patients optimal medical care.

The Medizinicum impresses not only with its interdisciplinary approach and the highly competent staff, but also with the use of advanced technologies in the everyday hospital life. A modern high-performance IT infrastructure and the use of high-quality medical devices ensure that the Medizinicum always meets highest requirements with regard to diagnostics and therapy.

The high rate of international and interregional patients (about 50%) shows that the quality of the treatments at the Medizinicum is well-known beyond Hamburg’s borders. Employees also benefit from the future-oriented concept of the facility: The Medizinicum works completely digitally and paperless, thanks to reliable software an ideal workflow is guaranteed without much stress.

The clinic was founded by MediDaTec co-founder Dr. Keihan Ahmadi-Simab, who is also a senior physician at Medizinicum. MediDaTec founder Parviz Alaveh (qualified Medical Engineer) was responsible for the design and implementation of the clinical IT landscape and he coordinated the procurement, construction and installation of the medical devices. With MediDaTec, further clinics are to be built which benefit from the strengths of the digital concept already successfully implemented at the Medizinicum.

As part of the services, MediDaTec offers future users of the medical devices utilized in our projects to attend training courses. For this purpose, a separate room with the relevant equipment is available in the building of the clinic.