About us

Hospital Solution from a single source – About MediDaTec:

We at MediDaTec consider ourselves as your competent and reliable partner in the field of hospital solutions. From the first planning steps, through the specific implementation of the jointly developed concept to the future-oriented positioning of your future hospital or clinic – we will accompany you with help and advice to get your project on track and to make it successful in the long term.

From years of practical experience, we know which elements need to be integrated in order to ensure the best medical care: The basis is a powerful IT infrastructure that optimizes your workflows. For this purpose, a clinic requires high-quality medical devices – and, of course, well-trained and competent medical staff for the patients to feel in good hands.

Our services encompass all these three pillars: Thanks to reliable software, we are able to provide you a customized IT landscape that can always meet the increasing and changing demands of your clinic. In this way, we facilitate your work day and prevent subsequent costs. In this regard, we not only take over the purchasing and installation of modern medical devices, but also offer a practical training course for the future users of the devices, for which a training room is especially available at the Hamburger Medizinicum. In this way, we offer new users the opportunity to become familiar with the technology used in advance.

Our aim is, therefore, to design and implement a customized solution from a single source. In addition, we want to contribute our expertise not only to projects in Germany and other European countries, but also to help form the development of modern hospitals, especially in the Middle East.


The head behind MediDaTec – About the founder:

Parviz Alaveh is a qualified engineer for medical technology. He graduated from the HAW Hamburg in 1995 and worked as head of the Medical technology department at Asklepios Klinik Altona in Hamburg until December 2014. Mr. Alaveh was responsible for the maintenance of the entire medical equipment fleet of the hospital as well as the technical instruction to the employees. On January 1st 2015 he moved to the new founded Klinikum Stephansplatz (now Medizinicum) in Hamburg in the role of head of the Medical technology and KIS department. There he implemented the entire digital hospital solution. Planning, acquisition, setup and installation of medical devices and technology were realized under his direction. Medizinicum is now one of the few hospitals in Hamburg that works completely paperless and digital. Parviz Alaveh has a thorough knowledge of medical software (KIS, PACS etc.) and medical devices. During his previous activity, he carried out several projects for centralization of imaging and image archiving systems (PACS) as well as digitalization of different hospital’s radiology departments. This is why Mr. Alaveh is considered an expert on medical technology segment. He has already gained experience in international projects, particularly in the Middle East. On these grounds, he was involved in the construction of Omid Hospital in Teheran, Iran and contributed as an advisor to set up various disciplines as part of a hospital project in Abu Dhabi.