SanoSpray® kills everyone

Natec SanoSpray® is the most efficient body sanitizing solution.
The electrochemically activated pH-neutral solution is a multipurpose agent, exterminating all major systematic microbe groups (bacteria, viruses, tuberculosis agents, fungi, algae, candida and spores) without injuring tissue cells of the human body and other higher organisms.
Natec SanoSpray® is a whole body sanitizing solution and can be used for different purposes.

In hospitals: for general body sanitation e.g. before a surgery; for general body sanitation for bedridden patients (it prevents and helps to cure bedsore); for external sanitation of the intimate region; for disinfection of hands; for hygiene of mouth and nose; for patients, doctors, medical and nursing staff, as well maintenance staff to prevent hospital infections (MRSA); for visitors in hospitals to prevent mutual contamination; helps in detaching bandages and disinfects surrounding areas.

At home: face disinfection and refreshing (after removing make up, after shave); helps in treating of acne; external hygiene of intimate area; feet care (fungi, welding feet); mouth and nose hygiene to remove any kind of bacterial and viral contamination; for travellers in crowded locations (airports, public transportation a.s.o.); for children’s hygiene.